Vetaher Libeynu “Purify our Hearts”: A Curriculum for Nurturing Jewish Spiritual Practice




Vetaher Libeynu: A Curriculum for Nurturing Jewish Spiritual Practice

Vetaher Libeynu (VL) is a newly updated IJS curriculum for fostering adult Jewish spiritual exploration and growth through study, prayer, and Jewish mindfulness meditation. Comprehensive yet flexible, the program is designed for use in small groups led by one or two facilitators, and is ideal for Jewish leaders looking for a rich offering for their adult education programs or hoping to deepen an existing spiritual practice community. the primary topoics include: 

• The Nature and Experience of Prayer
• Entering into Jewish Spiritual Practice
• God-Talk, God Belief, and God Experience
• Talmud Torah as a Mindfulness Practice
• Living a Life of Practice

The outline for each day-long session (which can be broken into three to six shorter sessions for more frequent group meetings) includes (1) an overview of the session, with goals, objectives and structure; (2) background readings for teacher-facilitators; (3) texts and materials for discussion, discussion questions, leader’s guide with commentary; (4) suggestions relating to teaching and practice, as well as relevant group dynamics; and (5) chevruta (study partner) materials with discussion questions for the following month. Two of the sessions contain additional material suitable for use during a shabbaton or retreat.

The first 15 copies of Vetaher Libeynu are currently available at a first-print pricing of $499.50

To preview the Table of Contents and Orientation Session, please contact Rabbi Marc Margolius: