Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

We stand at a crossroads in human history, one in which the power to choose life or death is truly in our hands. Through contemplative practices, our tradition holds powerful tools that are available to help us know experientially how profoundly interconnected and interdependent we truly are. This inner work is fundamentally not separate from how we engage with our families and friends, our colleagues, our communities and the larger world. By cultivating greater mindfulness, connection and awareness, we can do our part to transform our world for the sake of blessing and of life.
The world transformation we envision includes:

• A revitalized Jewish communal culture that is meaningful, resilient and open-hearted.

• The wide availability of Jewish spiritual practices grounded in mindfulness.

• A critical mass of Jewish leaders  who have the experience, expertise and commitment to align their inner lives and their work in their communities, so they can be of greater service to themselves and to our world.

Our Mission

The Institute for Jewish Spirituality seeks to revitalize Jewish life by teaching spiritual practices that cultivate mindfulness on the individual and communal levels, so that we can act with enriched wisdom, clarity, and compassion. We teach the core practices of mindfulness meditation, Torah study, prayer, tikkun middot (the development of ethical character traits), and singing and yoga as embodied practices. These practices provide participants with valuable skills for effective leadership while creating opportunities for them to deepen their inner lives and connect meaningfully with the Divine. We utilize traditional and contemporary forms of authentic Jewish practice to enrich everyday life with Jewish wisdom, link the search for inner wholeness with tikkun olam (repair of the world), and create a vibrant, enduring Judaism now and for generations to come.