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Whatever your beliefs may be, and whether you do or do not currently have a mindfulness practice, IJS welcomes you. Discover how you can use spiritual practices like Jewish mindfulness meditation or contemplative prayer to cultivate a new level of “aliveness”; feel more connected to yourself, others and God; access wisdom and resilience in stressful times; and find greater meaning in your life.

We invite you to watch this 3-minute video to find out more about the Jewish spiritual practices IJS teaches.

“God wants the Heart” (BT Sanhedrin 106b)

We’ve Created a Path Just for You.

IJS offers three distinct paths for learning—one for beginners, one for those with an established practice, and one for Jewish educators, lay leaders or clergy.

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New to Jewish mindfulness? We’ll help you get started with immediate, free access to our IJS Starter Kit, including how-to tips, a sample text teaching and a guided Jewish meditation.
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Go Deeper

Already have an established Jewish spiritual practice? Discover what the next step on your spiritual journey might be.
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Teach Others

Are you a Jewish educator, lay leader or clergy member who wants to deepen your own spiritual practice or share these practices with your community? IJS offers programs designed just for you. Find Out More

Celebrating the Inner Light of Hanukkah.

If you were unable to join us on Sunday, December 8th for our 20th anniversary celebration, please enjoy our video of this incredibly rich and joyful event — 90 minutes of song, study, meditation, and more!

Featuring Rabbis Sheila Weinberg, Arthur Green, Lisa Goldstein, Nancy Flam, and Jonathan Slater, with uplifting music by Cantors Benjie Ellen Schiller and Richard Cohn.