Free Resources from IJS

Jewish tradition offers rich, accessible, and time-tested resources to cope with moments like these. The Institute for Jewish Spirituality, which has pioneered the development and teaching of Jewish mindfulness practices for over 20 years, is here for you now. We are offering the following resources to our community:

Daily Online Meditation Sit

Mondays – Fridays 12:30 – 1:00 PM ET
Join one of our master teachers as they lead a live daily guided meditation, sharing 30 minutes of Jewish mindfulness with people from around the world. Open to all, no experience needed.
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Online Jewish Yoga Studio

Mondays 11:00 – 11:45 AM ET
Mindful body practices help us find shelter right where we are, in our bodies in this very moment. Yoga teacher and IJS faculty member Cantor Lizzie Shammash guides you in an all-levels yoga and movement session informed by Jewish spiritual teachings and designed to relieve stress as we increase awareness of breath and grounding through our bodies. Open to all, no experience needed.

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Weekly Torah Study

Thursdays, 2:00 – 2:45 PM ET
Rabbi Dr. Erin Leib Smokler leads a weekly program titled “Torah Study to Sustain the Soul”, sharing teachings of the weekly parasha, for us to sustain and nurture a meaningful, contemporary spiritual life. Free and open to all, no previous knowledge needed.

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Starter Kit

This kit is designed to give anyone interested in starting a Jewish mindfulness meditation practice the confidence and guidance to begin. It includes all the tools and resources you’ll need to feel prepared and inspired.

Open My Heart: Living Jewish Prayer

New Episodes every Monday and Friday
Rabbi Jonathan Slater hosts our new podcast, “Open My Heart: Living Jewish Prayer”. Each week, Rabbi Slater will be joined by different teachers, offering new, short prayer-practices, and inviting you to join them.

This program will be on hiatus. We invite you to listen to previous episodes and continue to develop your personal prayer practice. We look forward to sharing our future podcast programs with you, watch for our announcements.

The Gift of Awareness Online Meditation Course

This 8-module online meditation course offers new insight on how to develop awareness that is more consistent with who you want to be in the world, which will allow you to connect more deeply to yourself, others and Judaism.

The Gift of Awareness for Educators Course

This 13-module online meditation course teaches you concrete, Jewishly-grounded mindfulness practices for self-care and provides you with a toolkit of easy-to-do Jewish mindfulness practices for the classroom—online or in person. As you cultivate calm, presence, loving-kindness, and non-reactivity, you will find yourself better able to support the children you teach and care for—and observe them becoming more compassionate, attentive, and resilient. 

Awareness in Action Online Course

Learn the Jewish practice that teaches you how to be your “best self” in this 8-week online course. Open to all, beginners are welcome. Regularly $249 – reduced to $149 during this moment of crisis.