What are Jewish Spiritual Practices?


While there are many Jewish spiritual practices, the ones at the core of the IJS teachings are specifically designed to cultivate awareness, attention and mindfulness—ultimately helping us access the sacred in our everyday lives and find greater meaning day by day.

These foundational practices are: 

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation (cultivating awareness and the ability to access wisdom and resilience even in the midst of chaos)


Desirable Character Traits (Tikkun Middot) (fine-tuning the way we show up in daily life and in our relationships by cultivating traits like loving kindness, patience, generosity, truth telling etc.)


Reflective Text Study (gaining insight into one’s inner life by using Jewish texts as a mirror)


Embodied Practices (accessing the wisdom of your body through yoga and singing)


Contemplative Prayer (Tefillah) (moving from rote recitation to meaningful prayer)