What are Jewish Spiritual Practices?


Our aim at IJS is to teach Jewish spiritual practices in such a way as to help each person cultivate awareness, attention, and mindfulness – enabling you to find greater meaning by accessing the sacred in your everyday life.

The core practices that we teach include:

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Cultivating awareness and the ability to access wisdom and resilience even in the midst of chaos.


Cultivating Innate Sacred Character Traits (Tikkun Middot) Unblocking your innate capacity for virtues like compassion, gratitude, and patience.


Contemplative Text Study One of Judaism’s oldest and richest forms of spiritual practice. At IJS, we approach text study not only as an intellectual experience, but primarily as an opportunity for personal spiritual growth and development.


Embodied Practices Mindful embodied practices help you find shelter where you are, in your body in the present moment. IJS offers all-levels yoga and movement sessions that are informed by Jewish spiritual teachings and designed to relieve stress as you increase awareness of breath and grounding in your body.


Contemplative Prayer (Tefillah) Our programs in prayer help you explore multiple forms of Jewish prayer in order to develop a personal meaningful prayer practice.