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Hanukkah: Rededication, Resilience, and Renewal

As we approach 2021, the months ahead are likely to remain challenging for all of us in many ways. We must rededicate ourselves, again and again, to renewing our inner resources, to remaining open-hearted and resilient, to shining light where there is fear or pain, and to proclaiming the miracles that continue to grace our experience.

Please join IJS on Sunday of Hanukkah, December 13, 2020, for a half-day of spiritual practice and rededication.


Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Starter Kit
How-to tips,
a Sample Text Teaching and a Guided Jewish Meditation

The Gift of Awareness: Cultivating Mindfulness through Jewish Meditation
An 8-module Guided Journey to Begin Your Practice
$199 $149

Awareness in Action: Cultivating Character through Mindfulness and MIddot
An 8-module Journey Toward Being Your Best Self
$249 $149

The Gift of Awareness for Educators: Jewish Mindfulness Meditation for You and Your Students
A 13-module Guided Journey

Crowned by Light: Torah Study for Spiritual Growth
Text Study 5780 with Rabbi Jonathan Slater

Tree of Life: Five Branches, Five Voices
Text Study 5780 with Kohenet Sarah Chandler, Hazzan Sabrina Sojourner, Rabbi Dorothy Richman, Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, and Rabbi Ellen Lippmann

Educating for a Jewish Spiritual Life
Nurturing the Spiritual Capabilities of Jewish Youth

Past Text Studies
Digital Downloads with Materials from Prior Text Studies
$240 each

Books, CDs, and Curricula