Courses and Products

from the Institute for Jewish Spirituality


Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Starter Kit
How-to tips, a Sample Text Teaching and a Guided Jewish Meditation

The Gift of Awareness: Cultivating Mindfulness through Jewish Meditation
An 8-module Guided Journey to Begin Your Practice

The Gift of Awareness for Educators: Jewish Mindfulness Meditation for You and Your Students
A 13-module Guided Journey

Prayer Project Intensive – Liberating the Voice: Niggun as Prayer
Rabbi Sam Feinsmith and Aviva Chernick

Prayer Project Intensive: Praying In, and With, the Natural World
with Rabbi Mike Comins

Touching an Expansive Mind: The Maggid’s Teachings
Hasidic Text Study with Rabbi Sam Feinsmith

Mindful Torah for Our Time: Meeting Challenges with Clarity and Wisdom
Text Study with Rabbi Marc Margolius

Educating for a Jewish Spiritual Life
Nurturing the Spiritual Capabilities of Jewish Youth

Past Text Studies
Digital Downloads with Materials from Prior Text Studies
$240 each

Books and CDs