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Evening of Gratitude: The Value of Jewish Mindfulness

June 4, 8 PM ET, Zoom

Please join IJS for our Evening of Gratitude, featuring Rodger Kamenetz and Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson in conversation with Jane Eisner.

Evening of Gratitude: The Value of Jewish Mindfulness

Young Adult Retreat

Our first in-depth retreat specifically designed for young adults. This program invites you to slow down, connect with yourself and others, and drop into what matters most amidst the challenges of daily life.

Begins June 23

Do you wish you could listen better to other people, especially those you care about? Shema, the practice of sacred listening can help you be more fully present and less reactive in conversation.

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For over 20 years, the Institute for Jewish Spirituality has helped thousands of people every year to slow down, reconnect with themselves and the world, and rediscover their sense of sacred purpose. We invite you to explore our website where you will find teachings, inspiration, guided meditations, and retreat opportunities to become more mindful, more peaceful, more compassionate, and more resilient, all through the rich wisdom of Jewish tradition. Wherever you are on your journey, whether you are just beginning or you have practiced mindfulness for years, we welcome you.

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Reflections & Practice

Moments of Presence (Emor 5784)

Moments of Presence (Emor 5784)

I want to tell you about my amazing Shabbat last week. It came on the third day of a five-day retreat we held for about 25 members of our IJS Sustainers Circle, a group composed of former board members, alumni of our Kivvun program, and major donors. The retreat was...

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Finding Faith in the Face of Doubt

Finding Faith in the Face of Doubt

How can we maintain our faith, emunah, in the face of struggle and strife? In this video, Rebecca Schisler shares a teaching from Exodus that can help us understand what it takes to keep faith alive even when facing profound doubt.

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Soulful Jewish Living

Overstressed, overworked, overstimulated? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and tune in. In each episode Rabbi Josh Feigelson will guide with ancient wisdom and modern mindfulness practices to help center your soul and ease you into your week.

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Jewish Meditation for Everyone

Pause in the midst of your busy day to renew your body, heart, mind and spirit with a Jewishly-framed mindfulness meditation from the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. In each episode, hosted by Rabbi Marc Margolius, an expert Jewish meditation instructor guides you through a brief teaching and meditation for relaxing your body, reconnecting with your authentic self, and connecting you with deep Jewish wisdom.

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