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FREE Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Starter Kit

This kit gives anyone who is interested in starting a meditation practice the confidence and guidance you need to simply begin — and offers those who are curious a direct experience of what it means to meditate Jewishly. It includes:

• A sample text teaching – connecting the wisdom and inspiration of scripture to everyday life
• A guided meditation practice connected to the text – that you can use again and again
• Simple tips for how to begin meditating – and how to integrate Jewish mindfulness meditation into your life

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The Gift of Awareness

Cultivating Mindfulness through Jewish Meditation:
An 8-module Guided Journey to Begin Your Practice

This self-paced, online meditation course offers new access to expanded awareness to support you in becoming more consistently who you want to be in the world so you can wake up to your life, become more mindful, and feel more resourced, restored and supported as you do your work and live your life. . . all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
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Awareness in Action

Cultivating Character through Mindfulness and Middot:
An 8-module Journey Toward Being Your Best Self

This self-paced, online course helps you more consistently align your inner values with how you are in the world. Learn how to access and practice eight core character traits (middot)… from the comfort and convenience of your home.
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Virtual Text Study

Deepen Your Experience with Torah

For fifteen years, hundreds of rabbis, cantors, lay leaders, and individual learners have used the Text Study program to deepen their experience of Torah, enrich their teachings and sermons, lead community study groups, and grow in practice. Join us in the profound and spiritually uplifting world of Torah study with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality.

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Here’s What People Who’ve Established a Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Practice Tell Us About How It’s Transformed Their Lives

“IJS has changed my life. I know it sounds dramatic. But I want everyone to know what I now know - our Jewish Hassidic wisdom has deepened my prayer, my meditation and my mindset. Even more essentially, because of IJS I have changed the way I speak to myself, which has changed everything.”

Aliza Kline




“Jewish spiritual practice has made me so much more spiritually alive. It inspired me. Refreshed me. Many of us go to yoga, meditate and are looking for spiritual practices to help us in our lives. What I didn’t know is that I could do all of that within the context of Jewish prayer and tradition—and that it would be so much more meaningful as a result.”

Rabbi Rachel Timoner