Devarim: Preparing to Practice

by | Aug 18, 2009 | Podcasts

Join Rabbi Jonathan Slater for a discussion of the practice of engaging in and maintaining a spiritual practice; whether prayer, meditation or yoga.  Throughout the latter part of the summer and into the fall we read through the book of Deuteronomy/Devarim, where Moses is speaking to the children of Israel, preparing them for entry into the land of Israel and their life there, warning them of the dangers that they will face once they are settled; how difficult it will be to maintain a spiritual awareness, a clarity of mind, once they are settled and prospering.  Moses is also speaking to us – addressing the difficulties that we have in maintaining a spiritual practice, in remaining connected to our own lives, moment to moment; living this moment as it is, just as it is, just as we are.  In this time of preparation for the High Holy Days, we engage again in spiritual practice and turn our hearts to the Holy One, to our truth, to the truth of our lives, so we can live honestly, lovingly, and righteously in the present moment, and ask those essential questions in our lives – who are we now? who are we to become? (10:05)