“I just returned from an amazing three day retreat that inspired me to new levels of love and appreciation of everything Jewish.”

— Shifra Bemis

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Joy in the Moment That Is

Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell, adjunct faculty with IJS, recorded this podcast November 3rd at his Mindfulness Mussar group at his shul – Aitz Hayim Center for Jewish Living.   …Read the rest of this entry →


Waters of Repose (Psalm 23): Restorative Yoga for Stressful Times

Join Rabbi Myriam Klotz for a relaxing period of embodied spiritual practice.  Experience restorative yoga – a kind of yoga that involves gentle, passive stretching, allowing the nervous system to quiet down and experience deep rest.  Explore how, in stressful times, we can find our ways to the waters of quiet and repose, restoring the soul to a place of ease and well being.  Find renewal in slowing down, letting the body rest in stillness and quiet – experience a deep place of rest in the body and the breath.  (12:05)


Walking as Practice

This meditation is from Preparing the Heart: Meditations for Jewish Spiritual Practice. Rabbi Sheila Weinberg describes walking practice as a way of paying attention to the sensations in the body, gathering our attention and focus in the body.

Walking practice is based in bringing awareness to each step as it manifests in sensation through the entire body.  Walking is its own practice when it is, itself, an  opportunity to gather our attention into this present moment, in the felt experience of the body so that we have a place to rest, a platform in which to see distraction and settle down.  As with other meditative practices, it provides us with a focus to aim the attention when the mind wanders, it allows us to focus back on the direct sensations of walking as they are experienced in the body, reconnecting to intention, and sustaining our attention.  (11:46)


The Spiritual Journey of Divine Compassion

Join Rabbi Marc Margolius for a podcast on the period of S’firat HaOmer – counting the Omer – a period marking our spiritual journey from Egypt to Sinai – moving from breaking the bonds of slavery on Pessach to developing our capacity to open ourselves to the divine on Shavuot.  …Read the rest of this entry →


Mindfulness: Training the Attention

Listen to Rabbi Sheila Weinberg as she gives an overview introduction to mindfulness practice on an IJS retreat this January; looking at understanding the nature of the mind and developing a quality of alert, stable attention again and again.You can also listen to Sheila teaching at a Jewish Mindfulness retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center (6/25/09) [http://dharmaseed.org/retreats/836].