As we approach Shavuot, explore the physical experience of revelation with Rabbi Myriam Klotz.  What is the embodied, sensory, experience of a moment of revelation of the sacred in the world?

With the season, we return to the Biblical moment of divine revelation through the gift of the Torah – a kinetic and dynamic moment – standing at Sinai the people saw the voices of divine revelation – all at once, an each in their own way, depending on their capacity.

In this embodied meditation, you are invited you to explore your own sense of standing, and of hearing.  To simply stand, to just be aware of your hearing, of your sensing, is an invitation to experiencing the truth of this body, at this moment, right now – that allows us to be alert and awake to the divine mystery of being.  Use this practice to attune to a deep listening to the inner movements of your unique spirit.