Sheila Reads from Surprisingly Happy

Join Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg as she reads from her new book, Surprisingly Happy:  An Atypical Religious Memoir.  Included in this podcast is Chapter 18, “Discovering Meditation, Barre, July 1990″ and “Ashrei Yoshvei Veytecha.”


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  1. Thalia

    Dear Sheila.

    Thanks for this podcast. You know how I came to this page? Bit embarassing:-) Im in a buddhist online meditation programme and this week it’s “How to keep up your meditation” and I was just frustrated and nervous this morning and googled “I hate meditation” this is how I found this page, don’t know, though, were the “hate” bit appears on your pages maybe I just ended up googling meditation anyway. That how I found you. Very encouraging. Greetings from Germany, Thalia


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