As we look back on 2022, we hope the Institute for Jewish Spirituality has been able to accompany you in the meaningful moments of this year.

For IJS, 2022 can be summed up with three words: expanding, inspiring, and leading. We have continued to expand: serving new communities, growing our faculty and staff, and launching exciting new programs. We continue to inspire through our free online programs, our leadership initiatives, and our original teachings. And we continue to lead the Jewish community–in bringing spiritual practice to the center of Jewish life.

We are excited to share some of our accomplishments in our 2022 Impact Report. You’ll learn about:

        • Our Antiracism and Shemitah as Spiritual Practice and Queering the Beit Midrash programs, which attracted diverse new audiences.
        • The continued success of our flagship Clergy Leadership Program and Hevraya, which nourish our spiritual leaders.
        • Our groundbreaking study of young Jews’ spiritual practices, in order to better meet their needs.

This Report reflects our shared values and shows you the seeds we’ve planted for years to come.