At the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, 2021 has been a year of connection, resilience, and growth. We hope that over the past year you felt connected — to your family and loved ones, your spiritual practice, and others who share your commitment to this practice. We hope you cultivated your resilience and grew spiritually. And we hope, too, that IJS continues to play a meaningful role in your life.
We are grateful you are part of the IJS community.
We are excited to share our Impact Report with you, which explores our growing reach and the meaningful impact IJS has had on the lives of thousands of individuals and communities. This report includes stories from four members of the IJS community. You’ll hear from:


      • A young Jewish professional working with students and young adults
      • A rabbi leading a congregation through another challenging year
      • A JCC Association staff member supporting his colleagues and community
      • One of the more than 10,000 people who deepened their personal practice through accessing our free online offerings.
We hope that you see yourself in these stories and are inspired by what you read. We would love to hear your reactions to this report.
In this Shemitah (sabbatical) year, as we release and renew, we also reconnect – with our souls, our communities, and our planet. Through our work, IJS aims to help you, and so many others, cultivate a Shemitah consciousness, day to day and moment to moment.