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Evening of Gratitude: The Value of Jewish Mindfulness

Young Adult Retreat

Our first in-depth retreat specifically designed for young adults. This program invites you to slow down, connect with yourself and others, and drop into what matters most amidst the challenges of daily life.

Evening of Gratitude: The Value of Jewish Mindfulness

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Discover the Jewish practice that wakes you up to the magic and meaning of your life. Led by Rabbis Sam Feinsmith and Jordan Bendat-Appell.

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For over 20 years, the Institute for Jewish Spirituality has helped thousands of people every year to slow down, reconnect with themselves and the world, and rediscover their sense of sacred purpose. We invite you to explore our website where you will find teachings, inspiration, guided meditations, and retreat opportunities to become more mindful, more peaceful, more compassionate, and more resilient, all through the rich wisdom of Jewish tradition. Wherever you are on your journey, whether you are just beginning or you have practiced mindfulness for years, we welcome you.

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Reflections & Practice

Don’t Have a Cow (Chukat 5784)

Don’t Have a Cow (Chukat 5784)

This isn't a political space and I don't intend to make it one here. But I also feel a need to talk about politics this week. Wish me luck. For the last couple of weeks I've been experiencing a deep feeling of unease. I have found it hard to focus. I'm more easily...

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Modern/Ancient Family (Shlakh 5784)

Modern/Ancient Family (Shlakh 5784)

In the weeks before he left for camp, my youngest son, Toby, and I started watching the sitcom "Modern Family" together. It has been a delight to rediscover this show that I remember being stupendously funny the first time around and to share it with my kid now. (It's...

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Making Camp (Behaalotcha 5784)

Making Camp (Behaalotcha 5784)

A memory came up on Facebook the other day: a picture of a note from our youngest child three years ago after he arrived on the bus for his first experience as a camper at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. It was brief, but it made my heart melt: "I'm having so much fun!...

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Soulful Jewish Living

Overstressed, overworked, overstimulated? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and tune in. In each episode Rabbi Josh Feigelson will guide with ancient wisdom and modern mindfulness practices to help center your soul and ease you into your week.

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Jewish Meditation for Everyone

Pause in the midst of your busy day to renew your body, heart, mind and spirit with a Jewishly-framed mindfulness meditation from the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. In each episode, hosted by Rabbi Marc Margolius, an expert Jewish meditation instructor guides you through a brief teaching and meditation for relaxing your body, reconnecting with your authentic self, and connecting you with deep Jewish wisdom.

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