Songs to Open the Heart: Contemplative Niggunim [CD]




Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

Prepared for the participants of the Institute, this CD is now available to the general public. Rabbi Strassfeld prefaces this CD of 12 melodies saying, “Niggunim are intended as a means to move beyond words and to express that which cannot be expressed in language. The melody is repeated in a seemingly endless way, until the power of the niggun opens a door that reaches deep inside us and stretches all the way to heaven.” The power of these niggunim can be experienced in various contexts, and can be used for congregational worship, personal meditation or joyous celebration. The melodies are absolutely contagious, spirited and engaging-their old world flavor connects the modern listener to generations of sweet singers, making the past a bridge to the future. Cost: $16 plus shipping. This item ships in 5-10 business days.