The Institute for Jewish Spirituality presents The Gift of Awareness for Educators. Jewish Mindfulness for You and Your Students: A 13-Module Guided Journey

The Well:

Practice for Deeper Jewish Living

The Well is an intensive, year-long, retreat-based program of sustained learning and practice for Jews seeking to live guided by Jewish spiritual teachings. The program will help participants cultivate greater wisdom, clarity, and compassion, supported by Jewish text, tradition, practice, and community.

The Well is unique in adult Jewish education: deep and continuous Jewish study and spiritual engagement in community with teacher-practitioners and fellow seekers. This trusted and supportive community combined with immersive retreat-based practice yield insights and the motivation to practice.

Participants will learn about and practice several different Jewish spiritual modalities, including:

Jewish mindfulness meditation
Contemplative prayer
Tikkun middot (cultivation of ethical traits),
Reflective text study
Embodied awareness in movement

— understanding that individuals will resonate with different practices.

The Well creates a spiral of experience that helps participants integrate these practices into their daily lives and draw from them in their relationships, work, and social action. 

These practices foster new connections to Jewish tradition and cultivate significant inner resources—reserves of resilience, wisdom, and balance—for meeting challenges and cultivating our capacities for greater joy, courage, and new connections to Jewish tradition.

The Well is offered to educate, inspire, and nourish those seeking to bring spiritual, emotional, and intellectual vigor and vision to Jewish life. We welcome participants from all backgrounds and levels of Jewish practice.

Program Details


Retreat 1, Monday-Sunday, March 16-22, 2020
Focus on Jewish mindfulness meditation
American Jewish University’s Brandeis-Bardin Campus, Simi Valley, CA.

Retreat 2, Wednesday-Sunday October 21-25, 2020
Focus on applied mindfulness through tikkun middot (the cultivation of ethical traits)
Trinity Retreat Center, West Cornwall, CT.

Retreat 3, Tuesday-Sunday, April 6-11, 2021
Focus on prayer
American Jewish University’s Brandeis-Bardin Campus, Simi Valley, CA.

All retreat facilities are kosher, under the supervision
of Rabbi Jonathan Slater and local mashgichim.


The program is taught by the Institute’s core senior faculty members: Rabbis Lisa Goldstein, Marc Margolius, and Jonathan Slater. They will be joined at specific retreats by outstanding experts and leaders in Jewish prayer.

Rabbi Lisa Goldstein

Rabbi Marc Margolius

Rabbi Jonathan Slater

What’s Next?

For more information
and to apply,

contact Rabbi Marc Margolius,
Program Director, at
(610) 724-1901 or


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