Rabbi Shefa Gold
February 12 – March 10, 2023

By cultivating a personal practice of chant, we are receiving the holy texts that we have inherited by making them wholly our own. Through daily practice supported by teachings, processing and reflection we will learn and explore the power of the sacred phrase as a tool of healing and transformation. Through experiential classes we’ll discover what makes a chant different from a song, by exploring the power of intention, repetition, focus, awareness of states, and the silence that follows a chant. We’ll learn to use chant to build the mishkan (sanctuary) of heart, body, relationship, community, and world, so that God’s Presence can be invited into our lives. We’ll study the process of cultivating a middah (internal quality or characteristic) through the embodiment of a sacred phrase while meeting our obstacles and resistances with compassion and wisdom.

Together we will work at becoming whole-hearted before God through deep devotional practice, so that when it is time to serve, our service will be the overflow of our own evolving and vital chant practice.

Course Overview

This 30-day prayer intensive is designed to help you focus on cultivating a specific modality of prayer practice. Each Sunday, you will receive an email with a half-hour video teaching, recorded by Rabbi Shefa Gold. These video teachings accompany a written lesson, which may include links to Jewish texts, secular writings, poems, music, videos, and other references to supplement your learning. You can choose the best time in your schedule to watch the half-hour video teaching and read the written lesson, as well as to log onto the community forums to post your questions and reflections. Throughout the week, you will receive daily emails, which will encourage you to keep up with your own internal work with twenty to thirty minutes of daily practice.

NEW! Live sessions with Rabbi Shefa Gold are now included in the course tuition. Sessions will take place on Fridays from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET on the following dates: February 17, 24, and March 3, 10. This is an opportunity to build community with other participants, practice together in real time, reflect on the week’s experiences, and ask questions about the course and your practice. If you’d like to participate in these sessions, you are encouraged to come to as many sessions as you are able.

Please note: Live sessions will not be recorded in order to maintain participant privacy.

Course Tuition


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