“The joy was more palpable than any other prayer service I have ever experienced…PROFOUND. Thank you.”

— Lay Retreat participant Winter 2012

Weekly Meditations


Practice in community can be the foundation for establishing or deepening your a woman sits on her couch, meditating with her laptopmeditation practice. It gives a reliable space and time to help build routine, a group of people who can serve as a resource when you are struggling, and an opportunity to recenter and settle yourself in connection with other seekers.

Starting July 26, 2017, the Institute is offering freeweekly online group meditation. These online sessions will be held on Wednesdays, from 12:30 – 1:15pm Eastern Time. These sessions are open to everyone, with no registration required (though you can sign up to receive weekly reminders on Wednesday mornings). Live meditations are limited to the first 100 people who sign into the room, but all sessions will be recorded for anyone to download and listen to whenever they’d like.

Click Here to open the meditation room (room opens 15 minutes before each session).

Click here to download a calendar reminder (.ics).

Past weekly sessions, available for download or streaming:

  • July 26, 2017 – Parashat Devarim (Video) (Audio)
    Preparing for Tisha B’Av, “You have dwelt too long at this mountain.”
    with Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell
  • August 2, 2017 – Parashat Va’etchanan (Video) (Audio)
    Post Tisha B’Av, exploring “aliveness” and experiencing a “length of days.”
    with Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell
  • August 16, 2017 – Parashat Re’eh (Video) (Audio)
    This very day you have a choice; listening leads to blessing.
    with Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell