“I love this group. I wish my whole life was as loving as my life when I am at an Institute event.”

— Janice Rous


Encounters with the Divine: Hidden and Revealed

Please join Rabbi Sheila Weinberg for her teachings on Shavuot.


Sheila Weinberg Teaching on Retreat

Join Sheila for a teaching on grasping mind she gave in November of 2011 – featuring her wonderful grandkids.


Sheila Reads from Surprisingly Happy

Join Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg as she reads from her new book, Surprisingly Happy:  An Atypical Religious Memoir.  Included in this podcast is Chapter 18, “Discovering Meditation, Barre, July 1990″ and “Ashrei Yoshvei Veytecha.”


A Gift – Connecting with the Present

Join Rabbi Marc Margolius for a guided meditation, practicing connecting with the present moment, with awareness of what is going on in ourselves and our world.


Gratitude right here right now

Join Rabbi Rachel Cowan for a podcast on how the ongoing process of developing a spiritual practice can help us find joy even with the vagaries and grind of modern day life.