“One of the life messages I took from the retreat was to notice, instead of being judgmental, during meditation – and during life as well.”

— Lay retreat participant, Winter 2012

Spiritual Practice Teacher Training

walking meditation

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training

This program is a collaboration of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality and the Awakened Heart Project. It is intended for lay or professionals in the Jewish community who have developed both a mindfulness practice and have been engaged in teaching mindfulness within a Jewish context. The program consists of 3 intensive retreats (16 days total over 16 months).

Each month features a theme for investigation through an integrated path of study and practice with monthly readings; practice instructions and guidance for integration of Jewish thought, language and mindfulness; and pedagogic instruction and practice. It is expected that each participant will have a daily meditation practice. Students share teachings and practice questions and insights with study partners and a monthly meeting with a mentor.

Other features of the program include: a focus on the application of mindfulness in a Jewish social justice context; yoga as a mindfulness practice in a Jewish context which is taught on retreat; assignments to share weekly reflections on the torah portion; and guest teachers in addition to the three primary teachers Rabbis Sheila Peltz Weinberg, Jeff Roth and Jordan Bendat-Appell.

The focus of the program is the creation of a cadre of teachers in the Jewish community that are well versed in the practice of mindfulness, its applications, its value in a multitude of settings and its translation into an accessible and inspiring Jewish language and form.

Participants also network with each other on a variety of sub topics including teaching children, university teaching, establishing and running Jewish meditation centers, the role of mindfulness in synagogue life and in social change organizations.