“Wow… I just viewed three of Jordan’s videos on Vimeo… I feel so inspired. I am so excited to be privileged to attend the upcoming JMTT2 retreat! What a wonderful community of teachers we are in the presence of.”

– Laura Hegfield

Upcoming Online Prayer Project Intensives


Upcoming Online Prayer Project Intensives

Learning to Engage Prayer as Practice: Month-Long Intensives

Does your prayer life need a boost? Could you use support, guidance, community and/or teaching to help you engage a richer and more meaningful prayer practice? Then consider joining our month-long prayer intensives!

These 30-day modules are designed to help you focus on cultivating a specific modality of prayer practice. Offered online, you choose the time that’s most convenient for you to watch the weekly half-hour teaching video, engage in the brief but focused daily practice, and post your questions and reflections. Optional participation in a weekly processing group to reflect on your practice and receive real-time guidance from the instructor will be available on a first-come, first-serve registration basis, for an additional fee.

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 Upcoming Courses for Fall/Winter 2017:

Liturgical Prayer: Discovering Our Own Authentic Service
Rabbi Jonathan Slater
Sunday, October 22, 2017 – Friday, November 17, 2017

One of the greatest treasures of Jewish religious life is the siddur, the prayer-book. It reflects generations of spiritual struggle and exaltation, expressed in prayers of great poetic richness and nuanced theological reflection. While it is “one book,” it is made up of layers of texts, each one articulating its own way of expressing the deepest cares and yearnings of the Jewish heart. Yet, for many Jews this same book is an impediment to prayer. Forced to say someone else’s words of prayer, to live into someone else’s experience of God, to follow the flow of someone else’s heart, many people feel stymied, silenced. In this module we will investigate our own modes of praying through body, heart and mind – and then discover which of the many prayers in the siddur might serve as a vehicle for our native expression. Over the course of the month, through our individual practice and collective investigation, we will begin a process of sketching out what might constitute our own matbe’a, our “fixed” structure of prayer, for the sake of nurturing our own deepest kavvanah, our true intention in prayer, and for the sake of connecting in truth with the Jewish tradition.

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Hitbodedut: Cultivating Spontaneous Conversations with God
Rabbi David Jaffe
Sunday, December 03, 2017 – Friday, December 29, 2017

According to Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, hitbodedut – talking spontaneously with God -every day is the most powerful path to spiritual growth.  Over these four weeks we will try out this potent practice, starting with small amounts of time and building each week.  Daily assignments will explore preparing to speak, setting intentions, time and space for practice and closing a session.  We will address what it means to have a conversation when you are not sure to whom you are speaking or if there is any conversation partner at all!  Related practices will include turning Torah into Prayer, a particular technique for connecting the mind and the heart to transform action.  A month of hitbodedut has the power to open the heart, clarify priorities, increase awareness of our soul’s desire and strengthen our connection with God.  Hitbodedut is not designed to take the place of liturgical prayer but it can have a profound influence on the quality of our more formal prayer lives. 

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