“Wow… I just viewed three of Jordan’s videos on Vimeo… I feel so inspired. I am so excited to be privileged to attend the upcoming JMTT2 retreat! What a wonderful community of teachers we are in the presence of.”

– Laura Hegfield

Contemplative Practice at Home

Robin Wald

The Institute proudly offers interactive tools to help you deepen your contemplative practice at home (or wherever you’d like!)  The following offerings can be used individually, or within an existing community structure (a study group, meditation group, with your hevruta partner, etc.)


Text Study

The institute offers two strands of text study. Each year we explore the work of a different Hasidic master. Participants receive a weekly email with a translation of the commentary of the week’s Torah portion, background materials, study questions, and a drash focusing on the contemporary spiritual application. The second strand of text study offers lessons in mindfulness drawn from the parashah.

Virtual Meditation Sits *coming soon*

the Institute is working to bring virtual meditation sits led by Institute staff and graduates of our long-term programs to the public – free of charge!

Interested? Click here to receive more information when it is available.

Prayer Project

The Prayer Project is designed to help Jews explore prayer as spiritual practice: something we engage in with specific aims, forms, and techniques to cultivate our conscious connection with conscious connection with God, the soul, the sacred, Being, Oneness, the depth dimension of life — or however you think of this realm of experience. To support this engagement, we have developed month-long intensives featuring video instruction and online discussion. Each intensive focuses on one particular prayer modality, such as: sacred chant; traditional, prayerbook-based Jewish prayer; contemplative prayer; meditative prayer, or spontaneous prayer.

Prayer Intensive Modules

Previously in beta-testing, now available to all, these 30-day modules are designed to help you focus on cultivating one modality of prayer with both simplicity and depth. Offered online, you choose the time that’s most convenient for you to watch the weekly half-hour teaching video, engage in the brief but focused daily practice, and post your questions and reflections. Optional participation in a weekly processing group to reflect on your practice and receive real-time guidance from the instructor will be available on a first-come, first-serve registration basis. Registration for modules in December and early 2017 will be announced soon.

An offering of the Institute’s Prayer Project.